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Everything you can imagine is real.
P. Picasso

Look back around! Take pleasure in beauty of the world, boundless depth of the dark blue sky and magnificence of snow-white clouds, enchanting paints of a decline, calmness and a transparency of pre-dawn morning. You will see variety of forms and shades, will hear fine music of the nature which delights.

The greatest pleasure of a life consists in creativity, in possibility to create and enjoy creation, in possibility to live in harmony with world around and possibilities to know yourself.

Each person contains a creative grain which purpose is to sprout, to stretch its petals towards to the sun and to present its beauty to the world.

We create clothes A*Zhukova, realizing our creative potential. We see and appreciate the uniqueness of each person, which comes to us, that’s why every thing, created in our workshop, is individual and is signed by master manually. In every, even the smallest detail of clothes which we create, you can see a part of our private world.

We advocate the image of the stylish, refined, fit and elegant woman, which wends her way through life with a straight back and knows her own worth.

She forces men to follow her delightfully with their eyes, she is minx, and she doesn’t want to stint herself in frameworks of a business dress-code.

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