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"In 2008 she has graduated from the Ivanovo State Textile Academy on a speciality "art designing of a suit ".

In 2006 Together with her husband have founded creative workshop “A*Zhukova” – but this is only naked facts.

And in practice Asya creates light evening and magnificent wedding dresses, corsets of surprising complexity and elegant accessories to dresses ".

"Magazine Handwork" May, 2009

Brand of clothes “A*Zhukova” was created in 2006 by a married couple - Asya and Michael.

One of the basic directions of work of the creative workshop “A*Zhukova” is manufacture of author's corsets. Each corset created under mark “A*Zhukova” is unique and is signed by the master manually.

Corset is a fetish to the fashion world. And with its aspiration for ideal forms and bends, regarding to femininity, refinement and elegance, corset takes an honorable place in women wardrobe.

For centuries-old history it changed its appearance again and again, developed and improved. But never went out of fashion.

Today corset assumes a new perception, modern textiles, trimmings, décor – that all makes it more expressive.

Corset is incredibly versatile. Its elements can be found in the most unexpected variants and patterns.

Corset is not simply a part of a suit - it is an image, history, fetish...

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A*Zhukova (С) 2009
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